Gudetama food art

Back again with more Gudetama posts! I’ve made several pieces of Gudetama food art the past few weeks so thought I would post them together.

Gudetama quail egg pasta

Gudetama quail egg pasta

Here is a simple aglio olio linguine with generous servings of bacon. I topped these with Gudetama made from quail eggs.  I soaked the quail eggs in a mixture of turmeric and water to dye them yellow. The bacon pieces make a perfect blanket for Gudetama too!

Gudetama breakfast toast

Gudetama breakfast toast

Here is one of my breakfasts, raisin toast topped with a Gudetama sunny side up and a strip of bacon for his blanket. Had this with yoghurt, granola and fruits.

Gudetama Sando Gudetama sandwich

Gudetama Sando aka Gudetama sandwich

And here is a Gudetama Sando inspired by photos of food served at the Gudetama cafe in Osaka. Not sure hubby will ever want to spend time at a Gudetama cafe with me so I decided to make my own Gudetama sandwich!

I was out of sausages so I filled the hot dog bread bun with tuna mayonnaise instead, and topped with slices of hard boiled egg with Gudetama faces.


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