Gudetama French Toast

I saw a recipe for stuffed french toast in a magazine in a salon last week, and thought I would try it out since it looked so yummy. And it turned out really delicious!

This is french toast stuffed with cream cheese and strawberry slices. I used pre-sliced bread so I layered the cream cheese and strawberries in between the slices, however if you had a loaf of bread that you were going to slice, do cut thicker slices so you can make a slit in between each slice to stuff the cream cheese and fruits.

I topped the french toast with bananas and strawberries. Hubby found it strange that I added Gudetama to the banana slices, but when I put this together the blank canvas of the bananas was just asking to be decorated, LOL. But this is definitely a breakfast I am sure even Gudetama will get out of bed for!

Gudetama French Toast

Gudetama French Toast

You could also top it with caramelised bananas instead of fresh bananas. This is a super easy way of caramelizing bananas, instead of doing it over a stove. Mix the banana slices with brown sugar, it turns into a syrup-like mixture after a couple of minutes and tastes just like regular caramelized bananas.

Stuffed french toast with easy caramelized bananas

Stuffed french toast with easy caramelized bananas


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