Hen and Chicks Hot Pot Dinner

Sometimes at the end of a long work day I just want to have a simple and filling dinner, and yesterday was one of those days. I love making a pot of soup for a quick dinner, and the soup stock gets sweetened naturally with corn and carrots that are added into the soup.

I added some eggs for more protein, since I omitted any rice or noodles in the soup. I used a mixture of regular eggs and quail eggs. I added some simple details to turn the eggs into a rooster and hen, and the quail eggs into little chicks.

The photo below was taken before pouring in the soup stock.

Hen and Chicks Hot Pot Dinner

Hen and Chicks Hot Pot Dinner


The quail eggs were soaked briefly in a mixture of tumeric with water to get a faint yellow natural tint on them. I added their features with carrots and nori.



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