Fun food ideas for children

School has started and I am still missing the leisurely holidays. -_- Here are some easy and fun ideas for snacks and breakfast for children, which I made and enjoyed last week with the kids.

Here are some Baymax open faced sandwiches we made together on New Year’s Day. The kids asked for a snack after lunch, (how typical right, my kids take ages to eat lunch and tell me they are full, but half an hour later they are looking for snacks!), so I made these easy sandwiches for them.

These are really easy to make too, all you need is some round cookie cutters to cut out the bread, cream cheese spread and some melted chocolate to pipe on Baymax’s features. The kids enjoyed helping to make their afternoon snack.

Baymax sandwiches

Baymax sandwiches

Next are some Gudetama pancakes for breakfast last Saturday. I made a stack of pancakes and piped on Gudetama’s features with melted chocolate. This is an easy and relatively healthy breakfast idea if served with fruits. The kids wanted some maple syrup with their pancakes, but you could easily serve with some yoghurt or jam instead. There are so many ways to enjoy pancakes!

Gudetama pancakes

Gudetama pancakes

On Sunday I served bagels for breakfast. These are store-bought blueberry bagels, I decorated some of them into bears. I love my bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, but my kids did not want the salmon on theirs so they had cream cheese and jam instead. I also love to have some dill on my cream cheese, love the fragrance of the herb.

Teddy bear bagels

Teddy bear bagels



2 thoughts on “Fun food ideas for children

  1. What a busy but fun-filled week! I thought that parents will be happy that school is starting because the kids will be busy again (more free time for you?) haha. Happy New Year to you and your family! Have a great and amazing 2016 ahead! 🙂

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