Gudetama bread buns

So sad that the 6 weeks of school holidays have ended, tomorrow (or rather today) is the start of the new school year. Z2 is joining Z1 in primary school, and I have been busy this weekend preparing her books and miscellaneous things for school. I must have given her so many instructions that she must have thought that her mom was very long-winded.

Anyway, these Gudetama bread buns totally reflect how I feel about waking up at 6am on weekdays from now on again. I miss sleeping in during the school holidays!

Gudetama bread buns

Gudetama bread buns

Here is another shot I took while I was putting the bread buns back into the oven while I was cleaning up my kitchen, the kids were playing and told me I should keep the bread buns for them to eat after their playtime. I thought this looked quite hilarious, with all the Gudetama faces looking so sad.

Gudetama bread buns

Gudetama bread buns

Sorry the lighting is not so good in the second photo, my oven is in a corner of my kitchen without much natural light. I thought the photo was too funny not to post though.

I have a couple more Gudetama posts to update, but will do that in a separate post. I better try to go to bed as I have to be up again in 6 hours. Good night and have a lovely start to 2016!


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