Froggy Sandwich Pull Apart Bread Buns

Well it’s New Year’s Eve today! Time passes so fast, another year has gone by. Thought I would just update a quick blog post for the last breakfast I made in 2015, froggy bread buns.

Froggy Sandwich Pull Apart Bread Buns

Froggy Sandwich Pull Apart Bread Buns

Here is the recipe if you are interested to try making these bread buns too. I added 2 tsp of match powder and one extra tbsp of sugar to the recipe.

You could use any sandwich fillings you wanted, I basically cleared out my fridge and used ham and tomatoes. Would have liked to use egg salad as a filling but I used up the last in our fridge a few days back and was lazy to make more, LOL.

Happy new year! Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Froggy Sandwich Pull Apart Bread Buns

  1. Hello!
    I would love to try these but I don’t have a bread machine. Can I use a stand mixer instead and how long should I mix the dough for if I use a stand mixer? Appreciate your help, thank you!

    • Hi! You would probably need to use a dough hook on your stand mixer to mix until the dough is well combined, then knead by hand for another 10 or 15 minutes and then let it proof for the first round. My bread buns will usually proof for a total of 3 times before baking.

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