Christmas Food Art Snacks

Sorry for the long absence, I was away in Tokyo for our year end trip, and have been mad busy and tired ever since we came back last week. Trying to coach Z2 for her math homework now, and using the time to update my blog so that I don’t lose my temper with her careless mistakes, LOL.

Anyway here are some Christmas themed food art snacks I made over the last few weeks, and thought I better update my blog before Christmas is over. Here are two simple snacks I made with ice cream. One is a vanilla ice cream cone that I have decorated as Frosty the Snowman, using mini chocolate chips, pretzel pieces for his arms and an orange jelly bean for his nose.

Snowman vanilla ice cream cone

Snowman vanilla ice cream cone

I made a reindeer ice cream cone using chocolate ice cream. I used pretzel pieces for his antlers, mini chocolate chips for his eyes and a glacé cherry for his nose. Thought it was apt to call this a Rudolph ice cream cone.

Rudolph the reindeer ice cream cone

Rudolph the reindeer ice cream cone

Using similar ingredients to the snowman ice cream cone, I made a snowman affogato by serving the ice cream with coffee. Although I generally prefer my coffee to be black, with no milk or sugar, this affogato made a yummy treat.

Snowman affogato

Snowman affogato

Last but not least, I made some reindeer pull-apart bread buns. Again, I used pretzels for the antlers and glacé cherries for the noses. I used melted chocolate to pipe on their eyes. Do check previous posts on my blog for the bread recipe, if you would like to try it. Alternatively your favourite bread recipe would work too!

reindeer pull-apart bread buns

reindeer pull-apart bread buns

I will try to update my blog again before Christmas, but if I don’t manage to, here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


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