Totoro food art and bento

Sorry for the absence over the last week, have been so tired with work and also had a bad headache over the weekend that lasted 3 days! Finally have some time to sit down and catch up on blogging tonight, and would like to share some Totoro posts today.

Here is a Totoro linguine, with bacon and stir fried mushrooms. Very yummy combination!

I used cheese and nori to add details for his eyes and tummy markings, the whiskers were made with toasted spaghetti strips.

Totoro pasta bento

Totoro pasta bento

And here are some Totoro matcha pull-apart bread buns. I actually used my usual bread recipe and added about 2 tsp of matcha powder and an extra tbsp of sugar to it.

I used white chocolate for his tummy, and semi-sweet chocolate to add his markings.

Totoro matcha pull-apart bread buns

Totoro matcha pull-apart bread buns bento

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! Off to try to catch some rest now, sorry this is such a short post.


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