Pooh and Tigger food art

I was browsing through my gallery for some food art inspiration, and thought I would blog about some back-dated posts which I had shared on Instagram some weeks earlier.

These Tigger pull-apart bread buns were so soft and fluffy, do refer to my basic bread bun recipe if you would like to try baking these. The bread may be tinted orange with some pumpkin puree (do reduce the water added accordingly so that the moisture content is not too high), or a couple of drops of orange gel food colouring would work too. Tigger’s details were piped with melted chocolate.

Tigger pull-apart bread buns

Tigger pull-apart bread buns

Here is a healthy dish I love – baked eggs in a hollowed out pepper cup. It is healthy and low fat, and different ingredients may be added into the egg mixture – ham, spinach, sliced mushrooms etc. I usually toss in ingredients which I am clearing out of my fridge.

I decorated my baked pepper cup into a Tsum Tsum version of Pooh. Spot Tigger which I added into my salad, Tigger was made using orange cherry tomatoes and cheese.

Pooh baked egg cup and Tigger salad

Pooh baked egg cup and Tigger salad

Will share more Halloween posts next week. Have a great weekend!


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