Totoro bento

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been rather busy and extremely tired. Today marks the last day of my corporate life after having worked in the banking industry since I graduated, from tomorrow onwards I will become self-employed. It has been a rather steep learning curve the last few months while I learnt how to set up my own business and I do believe it will be a rewarding journey.

Woke up this morning with totally no clue of what to make today, hence decided to make Totoro again, quick and easy. Here is my Totoro sandwich two ways, one with matcha cream cheese and one with black sesame cream cheese. Which will you prefer?

Totoro sandwich bento

Totoro sandwich bento

To make matcha cream cheese, I sifted a teaspoon of matcha into cream cheese, and used a hand mixer to beat it together with some sugar. Same goes for the black sesame version.

Dug out some Totoro food posts which I have not blogged too, LOL. Here is a Totoro pull-apart bread I baked couple of weeks ago in a chiffon tin. I used pistachio nuts for the little leaves on Totoro. Details were piped on with white and semi-sweet chocolate.

Totoro pull apart bread bento

Totoro pull apart bread bento

Lastly here is a Totoro chia seed pudding I made last week. I know I am so late to jump on the chia seed bandwagon, that was the first time I made chia seed pudding and it was so yummy! I have made it for breakfast several times since.

Totoro chia seed pudding bento

Totoro chia seed pudding bento

Totoro’s details were done with sliced apples and walnuts.


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