5 Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

Today I am excited to feature Agnes of Hello, Wonderful. Her blog is amazing, full of kid friendly craft and meal ideas, and I am always wowed by her photography! Agnes has kindly featured me in her blog today as well, do check out some simple bento tips I have shared.

Agnes has put together 5 easy and healthy snacks for children below. Do click on the photos to check out the full posts on her blog.


5 Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids – by Agnes of Hello Wonderful

My kids love helping me out in the kitchen and I find that when they do, that they tend to eat healthier and are interested in trying new foods. Preparing snacks are a great way to get little ones cooking in the kitchen since they tend to be bite-sized and easy to prepare. Here, I’m sharing some of my favorite kid snacks, many made by their own little hands! We love incorporating fruit and yogurt as well as clever takes on food like fruit pizzas and homemade fruit and veggie ice pops.

What are your favorite snacks to serve your kids?


  • Watermelon Fruit and Nut Pizza


This is a great way to add some extra bulk to plain fruit. Turn watermelon slices into pizza and add dried fruit and nuts!


  • Fruit and Veggie Ice Pops

Make your own healthy ice pops with blended fruit and vegetable juices.


  • Strawberry Yogurt Bark

Just 2 ingredients is all you need to make this refreshing and easy yogurt bark.


  • Roasted Honey Sesame Chickpeas

These are so easy to make using canned garbanzo beans and have a slightly nutty sweet and salty flavor.


  • Homemade Acai Bowls

You can’t go wrong with this superfood topped with fruit and granola for a hearty breakfast or snack.



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