Snoopy Food Art and Bento

Found a 20 minute slot today to sit down and update my blog, been rather busy this weekend and will be a very busy week coming up ahead, so I am trying to plan my time as efficiently as possible.

Here are some of the Snoopy food art I have made recently, and I decided to compile into a post today.

Firstly is one of Linus Van Pelt and Snoopy, both extremely sleepy and not able to wake up in the mornings. Sounds exactly like me everyday! Served with sides of fried chicken wings and stir fried beans and corn.

Sleepy Snoopy bento

Sleepy Snoopy bento


Next is a Snoopy and Woodstock burger I made for lunch couple of days ago. I baked the bread buns as I wanted the buns to be white, hence did not use store bought bread buns. Snoopy’s face was painted prior to baking, with a mix of egg yolk and bamboo charcoal powder. I covered the bread buns 5 minutes into the baking time, to prevent the bread from browning.

Woodstock was made by melting a slice of cheddar cheese over the meat patty as it was being grilled. I then cut out the facial details using nori and placed on the melted cheese. Served with onion rings, super yummy!

Snoopy and Woodstock burger

Snoopy and Woodstock burger


Lastly, here is my brunch this morning, woke up rather late and was not too hungry, so I put together this simple brunch of Snoopy omelette and Woodstock yoghurt. I dug out an old Snoopy rice mold and used it to cut out part of the omelette, and then filled in with egg white and let it finish cooking. I placed some ham, cheese and spinach inside and wrapped up the omelette.

The yoghurt has slices of strawberries inside, topped with plain yoghurt and piped Woodstock’s face using lemon curd and melted chocolate. I super love lemon curd and almost always keep a jar in the fridge.

Snoopy omelette brunch menu

Snoopy omelette brunch menu


That wraps up this post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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