Totoro bento

Have you tried onigirazu yet? It is something like a rice sandwich, wrapped with nori outside for easy handling. The fillings usually aren’t the traditional fillings used in onigiri, and almost anything would work, really!

This is the first time I made onigirazu, mine is filled with baby corn, sweet peas and sausage. I decorated the sausage as Totoro, must be one of the more tedious ones I have made, simply because the surface area to work with is so small hence all the details have to be tiny. Spent longer than expected to cut out the nori decorations for Totoro. Do you see the little soot spirits I added?

Totoro onigirazu bento

Totoro onigirazu bento

Thought I would also share these Totoro sandwiches made couple of weeks ago. I lightly toasted some baguette slices and used a variety of toppings on these. There are radish slices with butter and sprinkled with pepper, cucumber slices with cream cheese, and cream cheese topped with strawberry slices.

Totoro sandwiches

Totoro sandwiches

Totoro was made from ham, cheese and nori, Chibi Totoro made with hard boiled egg and soot spirits made with cheese and nori.


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