Rilakkuma and Totoro deco snowskin mooncakes

I know its still the mid of the 7th month in the Lunar Calendar (aka it’s still the Hungry Ghost Festival) but I’ve seen so many mooncakes around the stores outside even though the Mid Autumn Festival is a month away. I was at the baking store the other day and bought some snowskin premix to try out.

Instead of mixing my own dough for the mooncakes’ snowskin, this premix is a easy and convenient method. Just prepare the dough according to the package instructions.

Here is a set of Rilakkuma and friends snowskin mooncakes which I made. Hubby had requested for durian filling for this.

Rilakkuma snowskin mooncakes cute deco mooncakes

Rilakkuma snowskin mooncakes


I also made this set of Totoro mooncakes with two soot sprites. This set of Totoro mooncakes uses natural colourings, black sesame powder and bamboo charcoal powder to tint the dough. Of course the filling used was black sesame lotus filling, to go with the black sesame snowskin.


Totoro snowskin mooncake cute deco mooncake

Totoro snowskin mooncake


I made a short tutorial on shaping the Totoro mooncake.

Totoro snowskin mooncake tutorial

Totoro snowskin mooncake tutorial


  1. Mix 75g of dough with 3 tsp black sesame powder, 25g of dough with 1/4 tsp bamboo charcoal powder, and leave 25g of dough plain.
  2. Place 20g filling on 25g of black sesame dough, and shape into a ball.
  3. Prepare the dough for the details on Totoro. Plain dough is used for the whites of his eyes as well as his tummy, and the dough mixed with bamboo charcoal powder is used for his eyes, whiskers and markings on his tummy.
  4. Shape the details accordingly and the mooncake is complete. Chill for 15 minutes before serving.

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