Gudetama bento

Sorry guys, here are more Gudetama themed bentos tonight. Gudetama is one of my favourite characters now, love his cute animations and also partly because he is so easy to make, and there are so many ingredients I could use.

Here is a ham and cheese sandwich, with Gudetama cut out from cheese. I used nori to outline the cheese cutting. I added broccoli and tomato food picks, but I don’t have any bacon-shaped picks, hence I made cut out the “bacon” from cheese and handpainted it with diluted food colouring. Simply couldn’t leave out his signature bacon blanket!

Gudetama bento

Gudetama bento


Next is Gudetama made from rice and cream stew. Yummy combination, if I may say so myself. It didn’t turn out as neatly as I had hoped, and the cream stew had thickened slightly while I was setting up the dishes to take this photo.

Gudetama bento

Gudetama bento


Last but not least, here is some Gudetama bread which I had baked. I used my own bread recipe, the method which I had used to make Gudetama is similar to the method outlined here in this blog.

Gudetama bread bun recipe

Gudetama bread bun recipe

This bread almost looks like a sunny-side up egg, which is the effect I had wanted to create. Halved peach slices are used to create the “egg yolk”, and the bread is the “egg white”. To keep the bread white while baking, I dusted the bread with rice flour before putting it in the oven. The excess flour may be brushed off with a pastry brush after the bread has baked.

I used melted chocolate to pipe on Gudetama’s facial features.


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