Snoopy food art

I was going through my Instagram photos and realized I have not blogged these Snoopy food art yet.

I made this food art the day I returned to work in mid-June after 2 weeks leave, Snoopy looking so sleepy and unmotivated totally described my mood that day.

Sleeping Snoopy food art

Sleeping Snoopy food art

Snoopy is made from rice and nori, served with lemon fried chicken. Woodstock is made from mashed potato.

This piece below was a breakfast sandwich platter.

Snoopy sandwich food art

Snoopy sandwich food art

I used slices of baguette to make these open faced sandwiches.

Snoopy is made from cream cheese and melted chocolate. Charlie Brown is a tuna spread with nori facial details, and Woodstock is scrambled eggs with nori.

Lastly, the photos below are of some Snoopy and Woodstock tamagoyaki I made. I made two tamagoyaki, one using egg whites and one with regular whole eggs, to create Snoopy and Woodstock respectively.

I served this with onigiri stuffed with pork floss, and home-made pickled Japanese cucumbers.

Snoopy tamago sushi bento

Snoopy tamago sushi bento


Snoopy tamago sushi bento

Snoopy tamago sushi bento


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