Totoro bento

It’s Tuesday and we are 40% through the work week. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Here are some Totoro food art which I have made, but yet to blog about.

Firstly is Totoro soba, this is what I would call a classic piece as many bento bloggers have made this before. I love Totoro and love soba, so thought I would make one for a simple meal. Totoro’s tummy is made of white egg sheet, and I added some tsuyu for dipping, and some cherries to snack on thereafter.

Totoro soba bento

Totoro soba bento


I have also made Totoro soba in a jar. Chibi Totoro is cut out from a hard boiled egg, and I added some teriyaki beef meatballs for the soot spirits.

Totoro soba bento

Totoro soba bento


Below is a Totoro meat soboro bento, with scrambled egg whites to create Totoro’s tummy. The soot spirits are little rice balls wrapped with nori. I really love meat soboro bentos as they are so yummy!

Totoro soboro bento

Totoro soboro bento


Lastly, here is Totoro made from a meat patty. I tried to melt the cheese for his tummy by gently steaming the cheese topped patty, however I couldn’t achieve those gooey melted cheese on burgers I’ve had when we dine out. His whiskers are toasted dry spaghetti sticks. Served this with linguine for another yummy meal.

Totoro meat patty and pasta bento

Totoro meat patty and pasta bento


3 thoughts on “Totoro bento

  1. AWESOME!!! I would so love to come hang with you and learn how to create this amazingness. I am fascinated with the way you make food look so cool. Especially loving the Totoro, very cute! 🙂
    PS: Your cookie monster bento inspired cookie monster macaron making in my kitchen this week.

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