Kiiroitori noodles bento

I made some Kiiroitori egg noodles a couple of weeks ago, served with shrimp wontons in soup. The noodles smelled so good when fried with a bit of sesame oil, this made a really yummy weekend breakfast.

Kiiroitori noodles bento

Kiiroitori noodles bento


I made this Kiiroitori aglio olio pasta in a jar for dinner last night, inspired by one of the food artists on Instagram. His beak is made of cheese, and the eyes and feet made of nori. I used a bit of water to dampen the nori so that it would stick to the side of the jar.

Kiiroitori pasta bento

Kiiroitori pasta bento

Couldn’t get a good shot of it as the glass on the bottle kept giving weird reflections. Can I just tell you it tastes a lot better than it looks? (>-<)


4 thoughts on “Kiiroitori noodles bento

  1. Oh my…. what an absolutely mouth watering post. Actually, your whole blog is freakin delightful. Love the food styling, very clever & cute too.
    Great post! Jasline from Foodie Baker recommend you, I’ll defs be back. 🙂

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