Minions bento

We took the kids to watch the new Minions movie last weekend. They were so excited and had been looking forward to it all of last week by singing the Minions song from Despicable Me 2 (the previous movie). “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana..” And 3 of them singing together made a really loud and noisy choir.

With the Minions song going through my head, of course the idea of making Minions for food art popped into my head. One weeknight while I was preparing some soup for dinner, I decided to do a quick decoration on some of the pieces of corn to be used in the soup. I decorated the corn pieces as Minions – Kevin, Bob and Stuart.

Minions hotpot bento

Minions hotpot bento

The decorations were done with cheese and nori. I added xiao bai chye (boy choy), bunashimeji and enoki mushrooms into the soup. This was photographed before I poured the soup in, and in response to some queries I’ve received, I removed the cheese and nori decorations before pouring in the soup. The kids were already so tickled with the corn Minions and spent some time to discuss the Minions again before they allowed me to remove the cheese prior to pouring the soup.

After watching the movie, I made this Au Naturel Minions bento the next day – the Au Naturel Minions was my favourite Minions outfit in the new movie. Their outfits were made with blanched spinach leaves, cheese and nori. I also added the Minion with who came out of the sea wearing a starfish bikini – I thought that part was quite hilarious.

Au Naturel Minions bento

Au Naturel Minions bento

I added two pieces of banana shaped candy for the Minions. Sides include cherries (had a huge box in my fridge which I wanted to consume before they spoiled), strawberries and roasted chicken.


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