Baymax bento

Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

We didn’t do a special celebration at home, but the kids did present my hubby with their Father’s Day crafts from school. I made this simple but yummy lunch for hubby – mee goreng (fried noodles) with some fishballs that I shaped into Baymax. I used spaghetti picks to hold the parts of fishball together to form Baymax. I love making Baymax as he is so easy to make, perfect for lazy Sundays.

Baymax fishball noodle bento

Baymax fishball noodle bento

The mee goreng smelled so yummy, and I also couldn’t wait to dig in after taking the photo, LOL. Served with some iced tea, which was great to sip on hot humid days.

Here is another Baymax lunch I made before our trip earlier this month. Baymax made of somen, served with dipping sauce, and some prawns stir fried in chilli. I added his soccer ball, which was cut out from cheese and nori.

Baymax somen bento

Baymax somen bento


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