Hello Kitty Bread Buns

I baked these Hello Kitty bread buns for breakfast today (or should I say yesterday, since its past 1am here now). So nice when they are still warm and so soft and fluffy, my eldest snagged a piece even before I decorated it!

Hello Kitty bread buns

Hello Kitty bread buns

The ribbon for Hello Kitty is made of cookie dough, will put the recipe below. The bread bun recipe is my favourite these few weeks, I have posted it here.) Quite happy that I got Hello Kitty’s ears looking nice and sharp, use a pair of scissors to cut out the ears from thinly rolled bread dough and attach to the head.

You may use your favourite sugar cookie dough recipe, with the dough rolled out thinly and chilled; or you may use this simple recipe below.

Cookie recipe (for Hello Kitty’s bow)

  • 50g plain flour
  • 20g softened butter
  • 15g sugar
  • 10g beaten egg
  • pink gel food colouring

Beat the butter and sugar until well combined, then add in egg and continue mixing. Add in flour and mix until a dough is formed. Add gel food colouring as desired and mix well. Roll the dough thinly between two sheets of baking paper and chill for 2 hours before use.

I piped on the details with melted chocolate, and used some fruit flavoured chocolate in a tube for Hello Kitty’s nose. The fruit flavoured chocolate was bought in Tokyo last year, the package comes with a pink tube too.

Unfortunately Hello Kitty looks a little tan here, don’t know why the bread dough turned brown this time even though I dusted it with rice flour before baking. In my previous bakes, I dusted rice flour over the bread dough before baking if I wanted the dough to remain white. The excess rice flour may be dusted off with a pastry brush after baking. Hubby’s opinion was that Hello Kitty got a bit too tanned over the summer, LOL.



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