Gudetama bento

Here is a Gudetama piece which I made on Monday. *Sorry for the late post!* Gudetama depicts Mondays perfectly, don’t you think so? So glad it is Friday today, and the last day of school for Z1 this term.

I made Gudetama using a hard boiled egg this time, and shaped the egg yolk into a round mound to form Gudetama. I also added in his bacon blanket.

Gudetama bento

Gudetama bento

And that is a pack of instant Korean ramen to go with the egg, as I woke up with a craving for this spicy ramen on Monday, having bought it at the supermarket the night before. It was so yummy!

Thought I will squeeze in the Gudetama bread buns I baked this morning into this post too. This uses my usual bread recipe and has sweetened cream cheese underneath the peach slices. This creates the look of a “fried egg” bread bun which I thought is perfect for Gudetama.

Gudetama bread buns bento

Gudetama bread buns bento

To keep the bread white while baking, I dusted the top of the bread buns with rice flour before baking. The excess rice flour can be brushed off with a pastry brush after baking. The facial details for Gudetama are piped on using melted chocolate.

Sorry for the poor lighting in this shot, the sun came out while I was snapping this photo and created some shadows, and I only noticed it while putting this up to my blog.


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