Children’s Day Bentos

Today is Children’s Day in Japan, also known as Kodomo No Hi. It is part of the Golden Week in Japan, and there are carp-shaped flags flown (koinobori). The koinobori are arranged in order, with the one representing the father at the top, followed by one to represent the mother, and thereafter one for each child in the family. The children also wear a samurai warrior hat to symbolise strength and vitality.

I made a Baymax Children’s Day bento last week, where Baymax was wearing the warrior hat (kabuto). I used two sausages to make the koinobori, and mayonnaise to draw the details on the carp.

Baymax koinobori Children's Day bento

Baymax koinobori Children’s Day bento

There is an omelette filled with some fried rice with sausages, and broccoli and cherry tomato as sides.

Here is a second Children’s Day bento I made this year, featuring Brown from the mobile chat app Line. Brown is wearing the samurai hat, and the koinobori in this bento were cut out from yellow and orange peppers.

Brown bear Children's Day koinobori bento

Brown bear Children’s Day koinobori bento


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