Star Wars bento

May the Fourth (Force) Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

It is Star Wars Day once again, Hubby is a huge fan of Star Wars so I did try to make some Star Wars themed food, even though I am not such a big fan.

We were in Legoland on Saturday with my cousin and his kids, and loved the Star Wars Miniland display. So sad we missed the Star Wars parade days, I only read about it after the tickets were booked.

First bento I made was Baymax dressed as R2D2, I actually had a few ideas of who to dress up as R2D2 but ended up with Baymax as he was the easiest to do. (I was running out of time since I was interrupted every few minutes by the kids who were revising their work).

Baymax R2D2 Star Wars bento

Baymax R2D2 Star Wars bento

I drew the design of R2D2’s body on an edible oblate sheet, using some diluted food colouring. I then laid the sheet over the onigiri to create the body of R2D2. I had wanted to cut out the details from nori and cheese, but figured it would take too long as the design was so detailed.

I think Z2 loved the R2D2 Lego keychain more than I did (^-^) She kept playing with it while I was preparing to take this photo.

I also wanted to do a Lego version of Yoda, however this didn’t turn out as nicely as I wanted. Thought I would post it anyway, since Star Wars Day is only once a year!

Yoda was done with rice mixed with green deco-furi, and I cut out the facial details with nori. His robe was cut out from nori (had a hard time getting the photo taken before the nori wilted in this humid weather!) and his green light saber is a food pick.

Yoda Star Wars bento

Yoda Star Wars bento


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