Totoro bento

I made some Totoro cookies yesterday, using German cookie dough. This is a local cookie that seems to be quite popular around Chinese New Year. Will post the recipe another day 🙂

Totoro cookies

Totoro cookies

So of course I had to make a Totoro bento today, to go with the German cookies. The Totoro sandwich was spread with homemade sesame cream cheese spread (cream cheese, black sesame powder and sugar mixed together with my handheld mixer), and regular cream cheese for his tummy.

The soot spirits were spread with store bought black sesame spread. I saw the spread at the Japanese supermarket at Isetan last week, and bought a bottle to try. It tastes exactly like the filling in my favourite black sesame glutinous dumplings, so yummy!

Totoro bento

Totoro bento

Here are some Totoro doughnuts I baked last week. I used my baked doughnuts recipe here.

Totoro doughnuts

Totoro doughnuts

Totoro was decorated with candy melts, with icing decoration for the leaf. The soot spirits are small round doughnuts, very much like doughnut holes. These were baked in a silicone cake pop mold that I found in a local baking store here. I spread Nutella on the doughnut holes, and rolled them in chocolate sprinkles to create the soot spirits. Some chocolate piped on marshmallows were used to create their eyes. (and yes, those Nutella-chocolate sprinkles-marshmallow doughnuts were super yummy!)


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