Kiiroitori Hanami Bento

Wish I could go enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan now. “Hanami” is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the cherry blossoms each spring.

Here is a bento with Kiiroitori enjoying the cherry blossoms in the park. Kiiroitori and the cherry blossoms were made using egg sheets. I should have darkened the pink used in the egg sheets, although it turned out a pretty shade, this unfortunately looked too light in the photo.

Kiiroitori Hanami Bento

Kiiroitori Hanami Bento

People hold hanami parties in the parks, enjoying food and cherry blossoms. I also made a bento whereby Kiiroitori is enjoying a hanami party.

Kiiroitori hanami bento

Kiiroitori hanami bento

Kiiroitori is enjoying dango and onigiri in the park under the cherry blossoms. Kiiroitori is made of quail’s egg that I coloured with tumeric, and the dango and onigiri done using mashed potatoes. The cherry blossoms were done with egg sheet too, but I used a darker shade of pink this time.

I added side dishes of pickled renkon (lotus root), broccoli, chicken and fruits. Also love the little pot of matcha pudding, tried out an instant mix from the supermarket and turned out quite yummy.

Here is a closer look at Kiiroitori enjoying his picnic and cherry blossoms:


Kiiroitori cherry blossoms bento

Kiiroitori cherry blossoms bento


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