Kumamon Burger Bento

Made some comfort food for my lunch the other day – burger and onion rings. I decorated the beef patty as Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto perfecture in Japan. I used cherry tomato slices for his cheeks, and cheese and nori for his facial details.

Kumamon Burger Bento

Kumamon Burger Bento

I made coffee jelly for dessert too, and decorated it as Kumamon to match the burger. The decorations on the coffee jelly were done with melted chocolate. The onion rings were fried using my air fryer, saves me from cleaning up oil splatters around my stove.

The coffee jelly was really easy to make. Simply mix 1 tbsp instant coffee powder with about 100 ml of water, and add sugar to taste. I added one tbsp gelatin powder to 50ml of boiling water and stir until dissolved, then mix in the coffee mixture. Be sure to scoop off all the bubbles before pouring into the molds. Let it set in the fridge and serve cold.


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