Doraemon Bento

I made this Doraemon bento as I was trying to figure out how to use up some hamburger bread buns left on my kitchen counter. We usually have about 2 or 3 different types of bread on our counter at any one time, as the kids have their own preference for bread whenever we hit the supermarket. On days that I am in a cleaning mode, I will always look for things to pack up or throw out, and two burger buns left on the counter was one of the items I wanted to clear out.

As I looked at the round shape of the burger buns, it immediately reminded me of Doraemon, so I thought of making a blue and pink version.

Doraemon Bento

Doraemon Bento


I coloured some cream cheese with a dab of Wilton gel colouring to achieve the pink and blue shades. I used a very light dab of colour to get the pastel shades. I halved a burger bun and spread it with cream cheese, and used melted chocolate to decorate the facial details. Doraemon’s nose was done with a small strawberry slice.

Sides include yummy fried chicken, strawberries and scrambled eggs.



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