Tsum Tsum deco steamed cakes bento

Here are some Tsum Tsum steamed cakes I made for breakfast last Saturday. I called these my lazy version of deco steamed cakes, as I had piped on the facial designs with melted chocolate after steaming the cakes, rather than piping on the designs with batter prior to steaming.

Tsum Tsum deco steamed cakes bento

Tsum Tsum deco steamed cakes bento

I followed the recipe for deco steamed cakes from Little Miss Bento with some modifications.


  • 150 grams Morinaga brand hotcake mix
  • About 2 tablespoons sugar (I didn’t really measure this while I made mine)
  • 100grams plain vanilla yoghurt ( I used the Marigold brand as I found the yoghurt creamier and hence it made for a smoother batter. There was a batch once where I used another brand but the yoghurt texture was not as smooth, resulting in a slightly lumpy batter and the steamed cakes would not cook properly)
  • 1 tablespoon salad oil ( I only added a splash of this)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 small eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon plain flour
  • gel food colouring as necessary (I used Americolour)
  • melted chocolate for decorating

1. Mix the wet ingredients together (yoghurt, eggs and oil) until smoothly combined.

2. Mix in the sugar.

3. Mix in the sifted hotcake mix and baking powder. Do not add the plain flour at this stage. Whisk until just combined. Do not overmix the batter as I found that overmixing resulted in steamed cakes that did not rise well.

4. Portion out the batter according to the colours required, and mix in a bit of gel food colouring for the desired colours. Fill the cupcake liners about half full of batter. I did not want my cupcakes to rise above the cupcake liner as my steaming pan was not able to accomodate that height. If you would like the cupcakes to rise up above the cupcake liners, fill the liners two thirds full of batter.

5. Scoop 3 teaspoons of batter and mix with 1 teaspoon plain flour to create the batter for piping on top of the cakes (this was to create Eeyore’s snout). I found that a ratio of 3:1 for batter to plain flour created the best texture for piping designs on the cake batter. Do note that the plain flour is required to thicken the batter so that the designs would not sink into the cake during steaming.

6. Steam over low heat for about 20 minutes, or until done. Tip: I put a pair of long cooking chopsticks between the lid and the pan, so as to let some steam escape. This would avoid overheating in the steaming pan, as overheating would cause the cakes to “explode” and crack on top. I also used a clean tea towel to cover the base of the lid of the steaming pan, so as to avoid condensation dripping onto the steamed cakes which would spoil the designs.

7. Pipe on the facial details with melted chocolate once the cakes have cooled.



13 thoughts on “Tsum Tsum deco steamed cakes bento

  1. Hi, these are adorable!
    I want to make Easter little cakes. My question is: would a regular steamer pan work? I do not have a Japanese one. Thanks!

    • Hi Gaby, my steamer is basically a pot fitted with a steamer rack. You would just need to use a clean tea towel to wrap up the lid to avoid condensation droplets dripping back onto the cakes while they steam. Hope this helps 🙂

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  3. These are so cute! There are times when I really want to bake something other than biscuits, but most cake recipes require an electric mixer to blend the ingredients properly. It seems that your recipe doesn’t use one, so I may be able to try it out!

    • Hi Cheri, I used the Japanese brand as it is readily available in the supermarkets here. I’m sure you could try this too with other brands of hotcake mix 🙂

      • Oh I was mostly wondering if I could get away with something like Bisquick and adjust it by adding sugar or milk. The hotcake packages at my local Asian market are just so tiny. When I google hotcake recipes in Japanese, they always include mysterious ingredients like “pancake powder” and “salad oil.” I wish I knew how to convert regular pancake mix to the kind of fluffy, sweet hotcakes that you get from Morinaga :p

      • Hi Cheri, I’m sure you could try your regular pancake mix for a batch and see the results. This is quite a forgiving recipe 🙂 Do let me know after you’ve tried it out!

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