Hinamatsuri Sushi Cake Bento

Today, 3rd March, is Hinamatsuri, the Doll’s Festival, or Girl’s Day, in Japan. I had made a Rilakkuma themed Hinamatsuri bento last week, and experimented with another Hinamatsuri lunch yesterday.

I made a sushi cake, which is actually two layers of rice that I had layered with ikura (salmon roe) and shredded omelette in between. I wrapped the whole rice cake with thin slices of cucumber.

Hinamatsuri Sushi Cake Bento

Hinamatsuri Sushi Cake Bento

I used quail eggs to create the Emperor and Empress. The Emperor’s robe is made of a thin layer of tomato skin wrapped with nori, and the Empress’s robe made of a thin strip of cucumber. I added some smoked salmon flowers around them, sorry it looks a bit messy. Finished it off with two tiny sakura flowers in front, cut out from ham.

It was the first time I made a sushi cake, and I was quite nervous too as this was rather small and I had a nerve wrecking time working with the small details. It was yummy though, and Z1 who came by for a taste asked for more after that.


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