Dr Seuss Toast Art Book Bento

March 2nd is Read Across America Day, in celebration of Dr Seuss’s birthday. Although the book this year is “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, I decided to make a book toast art featuring our favourite Cat in the Hat. Z1 and Z2 have read quite a few books by Dr Seuss, and they love the wacky plots and characters in the books.

Dr Seuss Toast Art Book Bento Snack

Dr Seuss Toast Art Book Bento

I toasted four slices of white bread, with the bread slices draped across the grills of the wire rack in the oven, so as to get the “book pages” curled like a real book. The drawing of the Cat in the Hat, together with the words, was done using powdered black food colouring thickened with water and a small food paintbrush. The “pages” of the book were tied together using baker’s twine.

And there you have it, a book toast art to celebrate Read Across America Day.


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