Snoopy Valentines Bento

Super sleepy this morning, was trying out a Valentines cake last night but it didn’t work out, maybe will have another go at it this weekend.

Just sharing a simple Snoopy Valentines breakfast bento today. I’ve got a cream cheese and jam sandwich in one side of my Lunchbots Duo, and I decorated the top of the sandwich with a drawing of Snoopy hugging Woodstock.

In the other divider I have some yoghurt and granola, I piped out a Snoopy design with the yoghurt to match the theme of this bento. Sorry the piping wasn’t very even.

Snoopy Valentines Bento

Snoopy Valentines Bento

Going to need lots of coffee today to get myself out of this sleepy zombie-like state. Have a lovely day ahead!


7 thoughts on “Snoopy Valentines Bento

  1. So very nice!! I thought of making the one on the right too, but not sure if I will have time to do so before Valentine’s Day.

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