Baymax breakfast bento

I have been ridiculously tired ever since Z1 started Primary 1. Didn’t know that the extra 2 hours of sleep daily was that important, I have been drinking more coffee daily to stay awake!

Made this simple Baymax breakfast for myself this morning after I came back from sending him to school, and I am eating this breakfast bento now as I type, LOL.

Baymax breakfast bento

Baymax breakfast bento

I put this breakfast bento in an old Lunchbots Duo which I have not used for a long time. In the left compartment there is yoghurt and granola, the yoghurt is shaped like Baymax and I added in his facial details using some melted chocolate.

In the right compartment I have a cream cheese and mixed berries jam sandwich. I drew on the logo of Big Hero 6 using some melted chocolate. A yummy breakfast is a good start to the day (I hope), still have a long day of work in the office later.

Have a great Thursday! Looking forward to the weekend already!


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