Duffy Christmas bento

I never quite understood the Duffy craze until I visited Disney Sea during my recent trip. Seeing the number of people carrying Duffy related items made me very interested in this Disney bear.

Duffy and his female companion Shellie May are the Disney bears, and these bears together with their souvenirs are only sold at Disney Sea from what I gather. While we stood in line for the rides, almost every other girl was carrying a Duffy/ Shellie May bear, bag or popcorn box. In the Disney Sea stores that sell Duffy merchandise, there were even signs that indicated that purchase of Duffy related items were limited to three per purchase.

I picked up two small bears of Duffy and Shellie May, dressed in Christmas outfits, as I knew that I wanted to make a bento based on these bears.

Duffy Christmas bento

Duffy Christmas bento

The bears were made of rice mixed with teriyaki sauce, together with white rice and nori for the facial details. Shellie May’s bow is made of crabstick, and Duffy’s Christmas hat made of tomato, cheese and broccoli.

This will be my last Christmas themed bento this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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