Baymax deco shiratama dumplings

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice (DongZhi Festival 冬至) which marks the longest night in winter. Traditionally the Chinese will have dumplings made of glutinous rice called 湯圓 to celebrate together as a family.

However we only touched down late last night and so I made these simple Baymax shiratama dumplings this morning for the kids. These are really simple to make, see this post for the ingredients and method to make shiratama.

Baymax deco shiratama dumplings

Baymax deco shiratama dumplings

Have you watched Disney’s Big Hero 6? It was a nice movie, wasn’t it?

I made two versions of Baymax, with and without his armour. I prefer him without armour though, so huggable!

I drew on Baymax’s eyes on both versions using a toothpick and some diluted black gel food colouring after the shiratama was boiled.

I served these with nata de coco and some strawberries and peaches.



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