Snoopy Christmas Bento

I seem to like Snoopy a lot this holiday season, LOL. The first plate here was made last weekend, Snoopy is doing a happy dance while putting up his Christmas tree. Did you notice his tree topper? I added Woodstock cut out from a slice of banana for Snoopy’s Christmas tree topper.

Snoopy is made of bread and chocolate, and the Christmas tree cut out from cucumber slices and decorated with chocolate details.

Snoopy Christmas tree bento

Snoopy Christmas tree bento


The next bento below has a large Christmas stocking made of rice stuffed with some pork floss, and covered with crabstick. Look who we found in our Christmas stocking! A sleepy Snoopy is peeking out of the Christmas stocking!

Snoopy is made of mashed potato, and I added Woodstock in this bento as well, also made of mashed potato. Can you spot him? He was made using the last bit of mashed potato left, LOL.

Snoopy Christmas Bento

Snoopy Christmas Bento

The side dishes in this bento include steamed corn and broccoli, ham, strawberries and a piece of honey roasted chicken.


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