Disney Frozen Elsa bento

It was Z2’s birthday this past Sunday, and she had requested for Elsa themed items for her birthday. She loves anything Frozen-themed, and especially Elsa, ever since she watched the Frozen show by Disney early this year.

I didn’t bake her a birthday cake this year, instead I ordered Elsa printed cakes from a local bakery for her school celebration as well as a simple celebration at home. I did, however, try to make her a Frozen themed birthday bento for dinner the day before her birthday. I made it as a cutesy style of Anna, Elsa and Olaf the snowman.

Disney Frozen Elsa bento

Disney Frozen Elsa bento

I made Anna and Elsa’s faces using rice mixed with teriyaki sauce, with nori for facial details. Anna’s hair was done with an omelette mixed with a teaspoon of dark soya sauce, and Elsa’s hair done with egg whites. Olaf was made with quail eggs and toasted spaghetti sticks for his arms.

Can’t believe my little girl is already 5, growing up too fast!


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