Three Little Pigs bento

Made a Three Little Pigs bento the other day for the three kids. I put these in the Kokeshi bento boxes I bought couple of years ago (and hardly used).

The three little pigs are made of mashed potato with nori facial details. The straw house is made of carrots, the house of wood sticks made of purple carrot, and the house of bricks made of aburaage. I delibrately made the shredded carrots representing the straw house slightly messy to indicate how flimsy it was. The kids shared the larger bento box of side dishes.

Three Little Pigs bento

Three Little Pigs bento

The Big Bad Wolf is made of nori and cheese, laid above a slice of bread (simply cos I did not want the cheese to be on the tabletop, LOL.) Z3 was very excited about this set of bento boxes and stood around waiting for me to photograph it so that he could dig in. I think his nursery class had shared this story of the Three Little Pigs previously, and he was very excited about the Big Bad Wolf.

Z2 asked about the Red Riding Hood thereafter, so perhaps will make that bento soon.


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