Pirate bentos

Ahoy! It is Talk Like A Pirate Day…. Arrr!

I have made two pirate themed bentos this year. First up is Hello Kitty dressed up as my favourite pirate, can you guess who?

Hello Kitty Pirate bento

Hello Kitty Pirate bento

Well, Hello Kitty is dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, savvy! Blimey, I even made a Hello Kitty Jolly Roger aka pirate flag using cheese and nori.

Now, on to the next bento. How could I do a pirate themed bento without thinking of the Japanese anime One Piece?

I drew the Wanted poster of Monkey D Luffy on an edible oblate sheet, and placed it on top of an egg sheet. Underneath the egg sheet there is rice sprinkled with furikake.

One Piece Luffy bento

One Piece Luffy bento

Click here to see last year’s pirate bento too, me hearties! Fair Winds, Godspeed!


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