Pusheen Maki Sushi bento

I find Pusheen the cat so adorable, have you seen this cute grey tabby cat online? Love the animated GIF images!

Today I made Pusheen on maki sushi, it is a simple bento as I focused more time on making the tamagoyaki. It is the first successful tamagoyaki I have made, although it is a bit messy so I guess I need more practise.

Pusheen Maki Sushi bento | Bento Days

Pusheen Maki Sushi bento


8 thoughts on “Pusheen Maki Sushi bento

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  3. The tamagoyaki looks perfect, lots of layers and a nice colour. Mine sometimes end up too dark because I use a dark soy sauce or because I have the heat up too high.
    And I love the nori Pusheen, very cute and so detailed. 🙂

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