Hare and Tortoise Race bento

I got this idea for a hare and tortoise race bento last week while I was at work, so I quickly made a rough sketch. I wanted them to be racing along a dirt track made of meat soboro, with broccoli bushes lining the path and a race flag at the finish line.

There is rice underneath the meat soboro, and I had to colour in the race flag using the kids’ crayons as the printer at home was out of ink. The sleeping hare is made of mashed potato, and the tortoise made of cucumber and mashed potato.

Hare and Tortoise Race bento | Bento Days

Hare and Tortoise Race bento

The kids were clustering around while I photographed this bento, and I told them this classic story. Z2 was quite fascinated and made me repeat the story several times.


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