Pikachu Pasta Salad

My fridge was bursting with bits and bobs over the weekend, so I wanted to clear out the fridge and make some space! I made myself this pasta salad using leftovers in the fridge – all I had to do was cook some pasta. I then mixed it up with hummus, yellow and orange peppers, sliced black olives and shredded purple cabbage. All these were leftovers I cleared out from the fridge!

It was such a yummy and filling lunch for myself. I added a sleeping Pikachu made out of mashed Japanese sweet potatoes, Pikachu is covering one eye with his ear in a typical “don’t disturb me, let me sleep!” pose. He is sleeping on top of a Poké Ball made out of tomato, cheese and nori. Kind of reflects me on this sleepy Tuesday morning, LOL.

Pikachu Pasta Salad | Bento Days

Pikachu Pasta Salad


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