Mid Autumn Festival Otsukimi Bento

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching next Monday, and this year I made a bento based on the Japanese Mid Autumn Festival, called Otsukimi 月見.

The 15th August on the lunisolar calendar signifies the time of the year that the moon is the fullest, and the Chinese usually celebrate with mooncakes and lanterns during the Mid Autumn Festival. The Japanese festival of Otsukimi usually eats tsukimi dango instead. These are rice dumplings usually stacked into a pyramid.

There is a story of the Jade Rabbit during the Tsukimi, and in the Japanese culture it is believed that the rabbit in the moon is making mochi.

In this bento I made Rilakkuma wearing a rabbit hat and enjoying tsukimi dango under the full moon.

Mid Autumn Festival Otsukimi Bento | Bento Days

Mid Autumn Festival Otsukimi Bento

The background is nori laid over rice, and the rest of the bento is made of rice as well, with the exception of the moon which was cut out from cheese.


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