Olaf Snowskin Mooncake

I am not a big fan of mooncakes, and did not actually intend to make any this year for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival. However after I saw the cute snowskin mooncakes that Bento Monsters made, I decided to try some but used a “shortcut” method instead.

I was at Bake King getting some stuff when I saw the pre-mixed snowskin flour they were selling. The pre-mix is a combination of fried glutinous flour (called kao fen) and icing sugar, and it is so simple to make. Simply follow the package directions to combine the pre-mixed flour, cold water and shortening and knead the dough together. I skipped the emulco altogether and the mooncakes turned out fine, so if you are wondering if it is ok to skip the emulco, well yes it is!

This saved me the hassle of getting the kao fen separately, and instead of using kao fen for dusting the mooncakes I used the pre-mixed snowskin flour.

I did not use mooncake moulds to make the snowskin mooncakes but followed Bento Monster’s method of shaping them into round balls with 25g dough to 30g filling. I used black sesame lotus paste for the filling, since it is a combination of flavours I love. I  put 3 snowskin mooncakes together and made Olaf, sorry his features didn’t turn out too nicely. Chill the mooncakes overnight before serving.

Cute Olaf Snowskin Mooncake | Bento Days

Olaf Snowskin Mooncake



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