Teddy bear bread

Found this photo of teddy bear bread I made last month but forgot to post, so here it is. Teddy bear bread using my bread recipe here. The only difference is I “tented” the bread about 6 minutes into the baking time, so as to keep the bears white. “Tenting” is basically putting a sheet of aluminium foil over the bread to deflect heat so that the top does not brown too fast before the centre is done. I use this technique for almost all sorts of baked goods – cakes, cookies, bread etc.

There is no filling baked into these teddy bear bread, but I sliced the bread buns into half for the kids and they chose their own fillings – cream cheese and strawberry jam for Z1, PB and Nutella combined for Z3. I don’t know where Z3 has learnt to make his own bread filling combination of PB and Nutella, but he chooses to have these spread together every single time he has a sandwich.

Teddy bear bread | Bento Days

Teddy bear bread

Have a lovely weekend!


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