Little Twin Stars bento

The edible food oblate sheets I ordered from Amazon Japan finally arrived couple of weeks ago. I actually ordered them in May and had it sent to my Japan shipping address, and it sat there for 60 days til I got an email reminder to have the items shipped out. After it arrived here in Singapore, it was sent to the Post Office Centre as no one was home to collect the parcel when the mailman dropped by. (I think it sat there for more than a week). When hubby helped to collect it from the Post Office Centre, I left this parcel sitting unopened for 2 weeks before I finally opened it last week.

This is the first bento I made using the edible food oblate sheets. It is some sort of thin rice paper that is transparent, so the designs done on it shows up quite nicely on a white background. I drew the Little Twin Stars using diluted black gel food colouring, and filled in the colours with diluted gel colours.

Little Twin Stars bento | Bento Days

Little Twin Stars bento



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