Udon Soup with goldfish

The weekend has flown by too fast! Always dragging my feet to start the week again.

This was a simple udon soup I made for the kids dinner last week. The kids are not very keen to try new types of food so I have been trying to incorporate different ingredients in the bento or food art I prepare for them. This is actually the first time I have prepared udon for them to try.

Although the kids enjoy various types of noodles – from pasta to stir-fried noodles to noodles in soup and so on – I was not sure if they would like udon as each strand is very much thicker than most of the noodles they have tried. Personally I prefer noodles where each strand is not too thick.

This udon soup is made with dashi soup base, and served with mushrooms, aburaage and carrots. I added a small goldfish made of cherry tomatoes for each of them.


Udon Soup with goldfish | Bento Days

Udon Soup with goldfish decoration

One thing to note when preparing udon is to use cooked udon (found in the cold fresh food section of most supermarkets) instead of dried udon, as it has a better taste. Of course if you are able to use freshly prepared udon, that would have the best texture. Also do not overcook the udon as it will get too starchy, about 2-3 minutes to simmer in the dashi base is sufficient.

And guess what – the kids didn’t like the udon, they said it was too thick. Perhaps I will try one of the recipes to stir fry udon and let them try it again.


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