Baby Pooh and Tigger bento

I actually wanted to make the kawaii baby versions of Pooh and Piglet, however due to time constraints it was faster to switch Piglet into Tigger instead. I have another idea for baby Piglet, which I will do in a bento sometime soon.

Baby Pooh was done using rice mixed with mashed egg yolk for the yellow part, and rice mixed with deco furi for the red part. Baby Tigger was done by mixing rice with orange deco furi, and details added on with cheese, ham and nori.

I put in the mild version of Chinese mapo tofu (cubed tofu with minced meat in a bean-based sauce) as a side dish as that has become a popular dish in our household. Doesn’t look very pretty in bento but the kids sure love it.

Baby Pooh and Tigger bento | Bento Days

Baby Pooh and Tigger bento


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