One Piece Luffy bento

My first One Piece bento, and quite happy with how it turned out. I had a lot of ideas of what to put in this bento, but due to time and space limitations, some of those ideas will have to go into another bento.

I made Luffy out of ham and cheese, with nori details. This was all cut out freehand. His ship Thousand Sunny was made with a hard boiled egg and carrot slices, with nori details as well.

One Piece Luffy bento | Bento Days

One Piece Luffy bento

I was running out of time so I used a leftover strip of carrot as the band on Luffy’s straw hat, however that did not show up well against the cheese which I used to make the hat. A strip of pepper would have worked better I suppose.

The bento is filled with tri-color conchiglie. Under the pasta there is tomato based pasta sauce thickened with melted cheese and thin slices of mushrooms.

*Tip: to avoid staining the wood of the bento box, I lined the bottom of the box with some lettuce, then some pasta with the sauce and topped with more pasta on top.

And yes, it’s Friday! So happy that weekend is almost here. Have a great weekend!


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