My Melody Omurice bento

Omurice is a Japanese dish found in more contemporary Japanese restaurants. It is fried rice wrapped inside an omelette, and the version I love has the rice fried with a lot of ketchup. My kids love ketchup, and naturally they love omurice as well.

In this bento below, I made omurice and tried to cut a heart shape out of the omelette for decoration. The cut-out did not turn out very nicely though. I outlined the heart with some ketchup and added My Melody, which is made using mashed potato.

My Melody Omurice bento | Bento Days

My Melody Omurice bento

There is an easy recipe for omurice here which you may follow, but the version I made is my own fried rice recipe. The lovely thing about fried rice is you could just use up ingredients which are left over in the fridge – meat, carrots or peas, or any vegetables that suit your fancy.

I sauteed some onions until golden, and added some minced beef. You could use cubes of chicken chunks in place of this. Once the meat is cooked, add the rice and vegetables, and fry it together with a beaten egg and several tablespoons of ketchup. Wrap the fried rice inside an omelette, and serve with some ketchup.


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